A Place for Volunteers

When you walk into Treasures, there’s a few things that immediately grab your attention. The space is charming and inviting, and the items for sale are high-quality. But perhaps the one thing that really sets Treasures apart is the friendly team that welcomes you and makes sure you find what you’re looking for.

What you may not realize is the vast majority of the Treasures team both on the sales floor and in the backroom is made up of volunteers.

Many members of the volunteer team have been helping for decades but more help is always needed. Volunteer roles vary from sorting donated items to pricing items to cashiering.

But volunteering at Treasures often is more than any of those jobs. For example, Bridgehaven holds their annual Coat Distribution in October at Treasures. This not only allows more clients to get the coats they need before the cold Iowa months, but it gives volunteers a special opportunity to connect with them both during that time and year-round.

“Treasures not only helps those clients that come in the store, it helps us because quite frankly we’re allowed an opportunity to minister to them and just be there,” said Jimmie Gabbert, who volunteers at Treasures with his wife, Karen.

To find out how you can serve at Treasures and be a part of empowering choices for life, contact Leanne Rezac, Volunteer Relations Manager, at leanne@bridgehavencr.org or 319-364-8967.