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The Battle For “Those Young People”


Every few years this very old, very dear book, It’s Me, O Lord , wanders off my bookshelf and drops into my hands,  usually at a time when I need to be reminded not to take myself too seriously.  In one of her poems, “Too Old to Run,”  author Anne Springsteen writes: Read More

Be Strong and Courageous: Gala 2018

Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid.
Do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. –Joshua 1:9

We did it.  We planned, prepared and executed another annual gala.  But somehow, it was different.  It had a new feel…..there wasn’t chicken for people to complain about.  There wasn’t a speaker from a national organization traveling to Iowa to share with our guests.  It was us.  It was the staff who comes to work at Center Point Road and 8th Avenue every day.  It was a client who comes to class every week and a client who was with us for a season of her life.  And it was the board members who don’t just show up to meetings but give of themselves and are invested.  It was a celebration of Bridgehaven helping families for 35 years in the community, and it was so amazing! Read More

Guest Blog: What A Mother Actually Really Wants

I LOVE being a mom. From as far back as I can remember it was a dream of mine. To hold a little one in my arms, calm their fears and tears, watch them grow, the hugs, the kisses…all of it. I couldn’t wait. As I got older, I discovered just how serious a job parenting was and realized the goal was to raise healthy, wise and fruitful adults – and that seemed terrifying.

I am thankful that there is a God of grace that oversees my parenting. What I cannot do in my flesh, he does by the Spirit that lives inside me. I am so far from being the perfect parent, but that makes my son a better person. My imperfection allows God to work inside him and helps to create the man that he’s purposed to be.

To all you moms out there just trying to get through today: Pause, grab a coffee and read through this message from our sister Ann Voskamp.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms. And all the sisters, aunts, and friends that love like them.


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The Master Gardener

Man. Don’t we all just get caught up from time to time in plans we create in our minds? Plans we create because we don’t think something is moving fast enough. We want it to look a certain way. We think it will give us a greater sense of peace. Or when we get right down to it, sometimes we think we know better than God about what we need in our lives. When I sit and reflect on these times in prayer, these moments when I catch myself trying so desperately to make things happen in my own way, I realize I am left with a greater sense of dissatisfaction or a feeling of emptiness when I am trying to control the direction and plans for my life.

Sunday at church, the Gospel reading was John 15:1-8. This reading focuses on the Lord as the vine, and us as the branches. I received a devotional/blog in my email the other day in regards to this Gospel reading, and I thought it spoke very well to the Lord’s goodness in His will for our lives. Here is an excerpt from the devotional:

“Our Lord is the Master Gardener. His desire for us is that we thrive and bear fruit, and He knows exactly what we do and do not need to make that happen. He tends our souls; He knows when to prune; He sees the dead places in us that need to be cut out.  The growing process can be painful, but if we remain in Him, as today’s Gospel beckons us, we can trust that new growth, that sweet fruit, is coming. (John 15:4)”

-From A Gospel for Gardeners, Anna Coyne

One of the Deacons from church this weekend also shared a wonderful message in regards to this Gospel reading. One of the parts he shared was that, ultimately, the truth is we don’t always know what is best for us. But God does. If He knows and wants what is best for us, then saying “Thy will be done” takes on a whole new meaning. It creates great hope and anticipation for what is to come, and it leads us to our true and ultimate purpose.

Lord, we thank You for this truth that apart from You, we can do nothing. We pray we may continue to become more obedient in allowing You to direct and guide our steps and plans. We praise You that You know the innermost parts of us that need the most pruning, but You love us unconditionally despite that. Thank You for tending to our hearts. In Your name we pray. Amen.

Haley Brimmer, Director of Client Advocacy

Haley Brimmer

Director of Client Advocacy