About a week ago, I was in line for a coffee at the grocery store. After I ordered and was getting ready to pay for my drink, there was a woman who had just ordered her drink before me and was still standing in line. She had some extra change in her hand from buying her own coffee, and then she looked at me and said to the barista, “Here, put this change towards her drink”. That started the beginning of my permanent smile for a good half hour afterwards. I thanked her so much for her incredible generosity. As we stood there talking for a few more minutes waiting for our drinks, she shared with me the reason she loves being able to do that for people. When she and her family were going through a significant loss in her family and it was the day of the funeral, there was someone who paid for all of her family’s coffee drinks when she was waiting in line. She was so moved by that experience, she now pays for others drinks when she is able, in honor of that person, and the family member she lost.

After we departed, I just kept thanking and praising God for the way He connects people, the generous spirit He has filled inside of that woman, and how He allowed both of us to be able to share in one another’s stories. I also thanked Him for the way He always provides, even in ways we least expect it sometimes.

The experience and encounter with this woman really sparked a lot of my own processing and thoughts about generosity, and the ways I can more selflessly give back to others. How can I commit myself to give more and love more, with no strings attached, and without expecting anything in return? What are some of the encounters I have on a daily basis that can challenge me to be more generous? What is God calling me to so I can be filled more with His generous and loving spirit?

At Bridgehaven, we are humbly blessed on a daily basis to encounter and have experiences with God’s children, and to witness the ways He abundantly provides beyond our own comprehension. We are honored to have people coming alongside us who believe in our mission, and what God has called Bridgehaven to do for His people. We truly, and honestly, could not do what we do without the support and the generous spirits of people giving of their time, their treasure, or their love and prayers.

On Tuesday, July 11th, we will be having our Bridgehaven Day of Giving. This day is all about sharing our incredible stories about the way God is moving at Bridgehaven, and the invitation for you to be able to participate with us in any or all of the following ways: coming to take a tour of Bridgehaven and hear the stories in person during our open house, shopping at our local resale shop that helps to fund the ministry, helping contribute towards our goal of $15,000 throughout the day, or praying for our ministry and people’s hearts who discover and spark a passion for what God is doing through Bridgehaven.

This is just one of the amazing opportunities to be able to pray, and wisely discern, the ways in which God is calling each of us in unique ways to give back, in whatever way that may be. I encourage each of you to take those questions posed earlier and really reflect on what it is that God is placing on your heart to become your more generous self. He has given each of us a role and a purpose in this life here on earth, and He will continue to provide for us in ways beyond our human understanding.

Heavenly Father, I pray that each person reading this today may discover, or reignite the flame You have burning brightly inside each of us to become even more of the generous people You are calling us to be. Lord, help each of us to answer the call to give more of ourselves towards the mission or passion you have placed uniquely on our hearts. Thank you for the gift of generosity and how it has the ability to leave the most lasting, and positive impact on each person’s life that is touched by it. In your most precious and holy name we pray, Amen.

Haley Brimmer, Director of Client Advocacy

Haley Brimmer

Director of Client Advocacy

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