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In Her Shoes

As we are rapidly approaching Bridgehaven’s In Her Shoes 5k Run/Walk, on Saturday, September 30th, I am reflecting on the whole idea behind the title of this walk. Our clients’ faces, stories, and circumstances come to my mind, and I am incredibly humbled by what it means to really walk in her shoes.

When I think about the start of the route we will be traveling on, I can see in my mind on our clients who so bravely walk through our doors every day to start the beginning of their journey. Sometimes, this looks and seems paralyzing. There is no way to even think about taking another step because of the deep-seated fear and anxiety that pulses through someone’s body with even the thought of a potential pregnancy. Sometimes, it feels exciting and joyful to walk through those doors to hear the news of a long-awaited dream and desire that has been placed on their hearts coming true. Sometimes, it feels like this was the farthest thing from their mind, but here they are, at this place, at the start of their journey, and they are seeking someone to come alongside them to help empower and give them hope.

As the walk or journey continues, so does the encouragement and love clients receive when they seek support through Bridgehaven. Now, this doesn’t mean the road isn’t going to have any bumps or obstacles, or that it’s not going to feel really, really tough and long sometimes, or even that we can help make every step of the way completely smooth. But we can always provide a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold or someone to just say, I believe in you.

Then, after getting over some of the hurdles, taking baby steps forward, and feeling more equipped to get to the light at the end of the tunnel, there are more people waiting with open arms to continue the lifelong journey together. This is similar to our client support area of the ministry where clients can be involved in our Earn While You Learn classes. This is where transformation begins. Those things that might have felt so daunting and paralyzing before, seem to lessen in their heavy weight on one’s shoulders when they realize people care and are there to encourage and equip them. The end of the walk is also the beginning of a beautiful journey. It can be a celebration of all the milestones that took place along the way; where someone started and came from, to where they are now.

I encourage everyone reading this to discern and reflect how Christ may be stirring your heart through this. Maybe He is calling you to consider registering to walk or run with us on September 30th. Maybe He is placing a desire to give generously towards providing essential support to our clients through the services we provide every day. Or maybe He is asking you to come and walk through our doors at Bridgehaven to see firsthand what we do and how we love others well, and to consider how you could be a part of the transformation which takes place on a daily basis.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of reflecting on what the walk and journey can feel like for all of us in different ways. Help us to be your servants here on earth and to give of ourselves in whatever way You are calling us to. Lord, help us to trust Your will for our lives, and to walk alongside others to be a part of the magnificent transformation journey. In your name we pray, Amen.