Pregnancy Testing, Ultrasound and Options Discussions

Where do I go from here?

  • Call 319-364-8967 to schedule an appointment for a free pregnancy test or ultrasound (Walk-ins for pregnancy tests are accepted, but priority will be given to appointments)
  • Talk with an advocate who can listen to and support you
  • All visits and information are confidential
  • Learn about other resources and services available during and after your pregnancy

Talk with an advocate who can listen and support you.

Explore your options, without pressure


Should you choose to parent, you won’t have to face those challenges alone. Bridgehaven provides ongoing opportunities for families to grow through various classes and earned assistance of food, clothing, diapers, and formula. Read more


Bridgehaven can help you understand the adoption process and what your rights and choices would be as a potential birth mother.  If you choose this path, we can connect you with a local adoption agency.


Abortion may seem like the only solution. For most women it is a life changing event. Before you decide, you deserve to understand all the facts about abortion. Bridgehaven can provide you with accurate information about abortion procedures and risks. Read more

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