I have always appreciated the Lenten season as a time to refocus, reevaluate, and have deeper reflection on how I am living my life. It allows for time to gain new perspectives and reveals the ways in which I may have been putting other things before God. Lent is a special time to purify our souls as we prepare to reflect deeply on Christ’s ultimate sacrifice and celebrate His mighty Resurrection which gives us hope and a future.

As I think about this Lenten season ahead, I can’t help but think of all of those who are preparing to attend or will be signing up to attend our upcoming Take Courage retreat. This retreat is designed for any man, woman, couple, or family member who has been impacted by an abortion decision in their past and is seeking further healing from that decision. They are preparing to enter an opportunity where Christ will work intimately in their hearts to purify their souls in a unique way. They will be putting a courageous amount of focus on self-reflection, sharing in one another’s suffering, and reminding themselves that His ultimate sacrifice was for the forgiveness of our sins. They will be immersed in gaining new perspectives and insights through a shared unity with those who will be attending.

If you have been impacted by an abortion decision in your past and you have felt God’s calling to walk boldly with Him into a healing journey from this decision, please reach out to me about this retreat experience. I know it can be an overwhelming or intimidating thought to bring those memories from the past or all those emotions you have buried to the surface, but I encourage you to be brave. You are not meant to walk this journey alone, and we are here for you. Maybe this is the Lenten season that God will lead you down the path of finding more freedom from a wound such as this one, so you can see His Resurrection on Easter Sunday in a whole new light.

Heavenly Father, I pray that those who may be pondering attending this retreat will be reminded of Your goodness. Your constant and unfailing love. Your strength when they feel weak. Your desire for them to be free. Lord, I pray You instill courage and bravery in the hearts of those who may be thinking about attending the retreat to reach out. Thank you, God, that You never abandon us, and You provide people along on our journey to remind us of who You are and who we are because of You. It’s in Your name we pray. Amen.