Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, and the last 14+ months have given us ample opportunity to embrace this old adage! For instance, when one of your main fundraising efforts relies on in-person gatherings and then a global pandemic hits, you must adapt – become inventive.

Baby Bottle Boomerang (BBB) is a longtime, well-loved, successful fundraiser for Bridgehaven. Our staff and volunteers visit area churches to distribute baby bottles to participants, who take the bottles home to fill with coins, dollar bills, and checks, and then return the full bottles several weeks later in donation to Bridgehaven. But this last year brought many changes to how we do our BBB campaigns.

We now offer virtual participation in BBB. Churches are able to share with their congregations (via email, social media, live service streams, etc.) ways to “fill the bottle” through online giving methods including text-to-give, on the Bridgehaven website, and through Venmo. We are grateful that these new platforms have been embraced and utilized! Churches are still able to offer the physical baby bottles to anyone who wishes to participate this way, and this has been popular so far in 2021.

We know the important funding that flows through our annual BBB campaigns will not be the same through the pandemic and the recovery that follows. But we are thankful for the participation and engagement we have seen so far, and for everyone’s patience and grace as we navigate this extraordinary time. And above all, we are grateful for God’s goodness in always providing to cover the need.

Interested in hosting a BBB campaign for your church or group? Contact Caitlin at or 319-364-8967 to learn how you can join this important (and fun!) fundraiser.