At Bridgehaven, we believe community is a critical component to positive outcomes. That’s why we offer a training for churches to equip their people with the skills and knowledge to mentor and guide women and men facing unplanned pregnancy or difficult pregnancy diagnosis. The training is called Making Life Disciples and we’d love your church to join our family in the journey of loving, caring, and providing hope for the families we serve.

This blog shares an inspiring story of the church body responding in grace and love, changing lives forever. If you want to learn more email Chelsey at or take a peak at the Making Life Disciples website brought to you by our affiliate, CareNet:

Love and grace to you all,

❤ Chelsey

Help Her Be Brave

Abby Ford, Embrace Grace

One day, as I was sitting across the table from a pastor, I couldn’t hold back my happy tears. He had been sharing about his daughter, Abby, having an unplanned pregnancy and the effect it had not only on his family but also on the church he pastored.

The father of the baby was in and out of jail and not a part of Abby’s life, and she had asked for forgiveness for the pain she had caused. She wanted to come back home and she did. Eventually, Abby gave birth to a sweet baby girl. Everyone in the family was happy about this new addition, even though the timing wasn’t what they had hoped.

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