As we start 2020, we have designated a space for community and connection for all of those in the Earn While You Learn program. This community space is located in the area that held the Care Closet. We now have a fresh, inviting space for relationship building, prayer, hospitality, rest, and enjoyment.

God has reminded us and clearly revealed his strategy for Client Support, deepening relationships and the power of transformation that occurs in real, open relationships. We are investing more time, space, and resources intentionally into relationships with clients. Karin and I are excited about this deeper and more personal relational ministry!

In light of these changes, Karin recently shared her heart for relationships with our clients. Connection is important for all of us, and I hope you take the time to let her words penetrate your heart, too.

-Dawn Michael, Director of Client Support


Our Need for Connection

I learned a cool fact while visiting Colorado several years back about aspen trees, which are in abundance there. The root system of the Aspen trees are all connected! One of the most well-known examples of this is Pando, which is a “clonal grove” in Utah. The name “Pando” means “I spread” and it is one of the largest and oldest organisms in the world. According to the USDA Forest Service, it has over 40,000 individual trees that cover more than 100 acres!

It is amazing how God uses examples in nature to speak truth about his nature. The more connected we are, the stronger we are!

When I think about connection, I’m reminded of how I learned how important connection really is. Until I decided to join a women’s group at my church, I was stuck in the same place year after year… isolated from other believers. I used to live my Christian life going to church on Sunday mornings and then go home feeling rejected, sometimes never saying anything to anyone. I was living in shame and just trying to survive raising three boys, and even though I was married, I was alone and struggling with my worth.

It was finally through a book study with other sisters in Christ that I found the courage to make decisions about what was best for me and my children, to believe that God did love me, and he wasn’t mad at me or waiting for me to arrive at some level of perfection.  He loved me just the way I was… broken. But he didn’t want me to stay there! I learned that God had more for me and it involved connecting with others. Even though I was walking closely with the Lord, I could no longer continue doing life on my own. He wanted me to share my heart.

My life now is so vastly different. I am connected to a large church family, a few small groups, and our Bridgehaven family. I have found such loving support. My only regret is I waited so long to step out and intentionally connect with other women. I had heard that if you wanted to grow more and feel less isolated in your life that becoming connected was a very necessary choice… and it is backed up by the Scriptures: “Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together.” (Hebrews 10:25)

I am so excited about our new connection space coming to Client Support, and I am looking forward to getting to know each client and hearing their story. We have an awesome opportunity to grow deeper in our relationship with God and each other!