Dance like no one is watching (even though the whole world is watching via Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat…)

This is Havi. She is barely two. She has no idea that she has just danced before the world. No inhibitions. Just the admiration of her parents, a few onlookers (and the city of Chicago).

How long has it been since you have danced before the Lord? Ok, maybe not with your feet, but how about your heart? When was the last time you delighted before the Lord with your dancing heart? What makes your heart dance?

There are so many things in my life that make my heart dance…Havi, for instance. The joy of grandchildren is one of those inexplicable mysteries.They provoke awe and wonder and the ridiculous ability to just sit and stare at them in admiration.

Being valued and providing value in a desperate world is another thing that makes my heart dance. When I am allowed to contribute to a life, a plan, a solution; when I have an integral part in a grand idea, a mission, a ministry—my heart delights and there is joy.

My heart dances at the arrival of summer, a flirtatious wink from my husband, a secret shared in sacred trust.

But when do I feel such munificent emotion for the God of the universe? El Roi (God sees), who can be as tiny as my most hidden secret and as large as any difficulty? El Simchath Gili (God My Exceeding Joy—Psalm 43:4), who pours to overflowing every manner of joy into my daily life, if only with the rising of the sun and a new day to live. And the joy persists, should I choose to embrace it, even in moments of despair and disappointment, knowing that my ABBA (Daddy—Romans 8:15) desires the best for me. When do I dance before that Lord of Lords?

We are restrained. And spoiled. We are desensitized to the everyday invitations to dance “before the LORD with great enthusiasm.” ‭2 SAMUEL‬ ‭6:14‬ ‭AMP‬‬

I have become so accustomed to Jehovah-jireh (The LORD Shall Provide—Genesis 22:14) meeting my every mundane need that I stopped celebrating with enthusiasm the individual moments that make up my day, my life.

As I reflect on those individual moments of the last week, I see some danceable moments…

…A 13-year-old boy at the Foundation 2 Youth Shelter (who has been there for four months) seemed beyond reach to us during the first two sessions. On Monday, he participated in a Heart Map activity where the students are asked to draw and color the things that are important to them inside a heart. When I sat with “M” to talk about the things in his heart, there was a little corner that had GOD written in it, along with a cross.

I asked “M” what he knows about God. He said, “I know that if you ask Jesus to come into your heart as your Lord and Savior that He will forgive your sins.” I asked if he had done that, and “M” said, “I’ve been trying, but I don’t know how.” I should have been dancing my feet off! Think of it- we are in a secular environment, with very broken kids, and YAHWEH-SHAMMAH (The Lord Is There—Ezekiel 48:35) has engineered a way for me to share His love! Cue the dance music!

…I collided with number of respiratory and gastric infections this week. After battling for a day or two, I eventually surrendered, saw the doctor and waited for the antibiotic to kick in. Timing was horrible (right?) I was scheduled to lead staff prayer, cover for a client class, co-lead at the F2 Shelter, meet our new board members, take my turn closing the building, and submitting this blog piece, for starters. In my other lives of corporate America, this would have been a source for resentment and skepticism.  At Bridgehaven, YAHWEH-NISSI (The Lord Our Banner —Exodus 17:15) reigns. In this Exodus passage, “banner” is understood to be a rallying place. At great sacrifice, others stepped up and stepped in to cover the gaps I had created so that YAHWEH-RAPHA (The Lord Who Heals—Exodus 15:26) could do His work. My heart is dancing!

Let’s face it. There is reason enough to dance just because He is Jehovah-LORD (The self-existing One—Genesis 2:4).

I am inviting you onto the dance floor; don’t be a wallflower. My prayer for us all is to be cognizant of those reasons to dance with enthusiasm before the Lord.  Footloose…fancy free…joyful!

Speaking of dancing, please check in here to learn more about Dance for Life, Saturday, September 29 from 1-4PM.