Oh decisions, decisions, decisions. Have you ever thought of how many decisions we make daily? I was curious, so of course I typed it in to good ol’ Google. Most of the studies that popped up right away said the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions each day. Oh, my goodness! That is crazy!! Of course, some of these are very conscious decisions but others are just ones that are so routine or natural to us, we wouldn’t even recognize them as decisions.  

During this past Sunday’s homily, the priest I was listening to was also talking about decision-making and how every choice we make comes with a cost. Every decision comes at a priceNow, obviously some decisions have very minimal costs and risks associated with them but then there are others that are life-altering

Through the role I have here at Bridgehaven, I meet with women and families who may be facing decisions in their pregnancy journeys. Decisions which may be life-altering. When a woman who is conflicted in her pregnancy decision is sitting in front of me, processing through everything she is feeling and thinking regarding her decisions at hand, I gently validate her feelings. And I share that I recognize no matter what decision she makes, it will impact the rest of her life, and it is so good we are there together that day, processing through all of it.

Sometimes decisions feel like they don’t have easy answers. Sometimes we are faced with things we never thought possible. Sometimes until we are faced with something potentially life-altering, we have no idea how we will feel, how we will respond, or how we will act upon the decisions at hand. And that is why discernment is SO important. Godly discernment. Led by the Holy Spirit working through us.  

I recently received a daily Blessed Is She devotional about personal discernment. It listed some great questions I want to come back to time and time again when I am working through my own decision-making or helping others process through decisions at hand, and I pray they will help you as well. Here are some of the questions the article listed for personal discernment: 

  • What is God doing in me, in this situation?
  • Do I feel peace, clarity, and calm? Or is my spirit restless, anxious, or fearful?
  • Does ______ lead me away from God or does it draw me closer to God?
  • What is God asking me to do?
  • How is He calling me to respond and move? 

Heavenly Father, I pray all who are reading this today will turn to You in their times of decision-making. I pray they will trust that You are big enough to carry them through whatever decision is at hand. I pray they will always remember Your character, Your provision, and Your never-ending love for each of them. Lord, I ask that You remind them it is You they can have confidence in when they are facing decisions, no matter how big or small. In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.