As we continue to serve and ask what’s next, it has become increasingly clear that we need to be a place where families facing pregnancy and infant loss can find the support they desperately need. Unique from medical providers, Bridgehaven can offer the gift of time to understand and address the depths of their pain.

“Upon learning our son’s diagnosis, I needed to know that we could survive such a loss… Seeing other families who had lived through such tragedy gave me hope that we could persevere… To bring hope that somehow God will bring joy amidst the pain and your heart will continue to beat even if it will never be the same.” –Lauren Bushlack, Bridgehaven Supporter

Members of our Client Advocacy team recently attended a pregnancy and infant loss conference, and we are continuing to develop what this new service will look like. Ideas we are exploring include:

  • Miscarriage kits
  • Helping develop birth plans and funeral arrangements
  • Connections with other families who have been in their shoes and can answer both practical and emotional questions from experience
  • Connections with other resources and support specifically for pregnancy and infant loss

If you have experienced this kind of loss and are interested in learning more about how you can help others as they navigate their own journeys, please contact Haley Brimmer at or by calling (319) 364-8967.