We are intended to live and thrive in community. And while it has required more innovation over these last few months, creating community has always been important at Bridgehaven, especially within in our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program.

In January of this year, Client Support moved our clothing resources from Bridgehaven to Treasures. This allowed us to create a dedicated space at the center for EWYL clients, volunteers, and staff to gather for fellowship and deepen their community.

But we also implemented a new voucher system for our EWYL clients. Clients now earn a $4 voucher to Treasures for each week they attend class. They can also save and use multiple vouchers together for larger purchases. Through these options and the various resources Treasures offers, clients are empowered to identify their unique needs and make decisions to fulfill these needs.

“I love Treasures and the vouchers for their shop is very helpful for me to keep up baby stuff and personal clothing.” -EWYL Client

The move has also become a blessed opportunity to re-establish and expand community to our Treasures volunteers. Some of these volunteers started working with us when Treasures was still in the Bridgehaven building. Many of our volunteers enjoyed interacting with and making meaningful connections with clients.

We love to hear from our Treasures volunteers the positive experiences they have seen with this recent change. Here is a bit of what they shared:

  • “I’ve heard all positive feedback from the clients.”
  • “We have more variety than just clothing and the clients love it!”
  • “The clients are really appreciative.”
  • “It feels wonderful to help the clients.”
  • “I feel more connected now to Bridgehaven and it ties us together. Reminds us why we are here!”
  • “It’s nice that the clients can shop with our customers.”

We are grateful for the successes realized through this change. Not only has it improved operational efficiency at Bridgehaven, it has welcomed back a stronger sense of community for staff, volunteers, and clients. Community togetherness feels limited these days, and we are thrilled that God has allowed us to help close the gap.