“Every time we are introduced to someone new, try to be creative or start a difficult conversation, we take a risk. We feel uncertain and exposed. We feel vulnerable. Most of us try to fight those feelings – we strive to appear perfect…when we shut ourselves off from revealing our true selves we grow distanced from the things that bring purpose and meaning to our lives”. –Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead, Brene Brown

I don’t know about you, but I’m a HUGE chicken when it comes to taking risks. I’m that person who would rather cheer on my friends from the ground as they ride rollercoasters. Or the person who would rather be in the passenger’s seat rather than in the driver’s seat on a road trip to Chicago. Or even the person who would rather sit back and wait for that cute boy to approach me for conversation rather than be bold enough to go up to him and start talking (or even just email first). Risk-taking isn’t really in my vocabulary all that often – or hardly at all.

Some loved ones in my life have challenged me recently to take more risks. I can’t say it feels all that comfortable to consider, but it sure has had me thinking! What is it that makes me feel so uncomfortable about risk-taking? What are those things holding me back from taking a risk? What do I need to work on in my own heart and mind to overcome the fear in taking even the slightest risk? Well, in the simplest terms, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to be more vulnerable.

Brene Brown was so on point in that quote I shared about how we fight those feelings that come with vulnerability and strive to appear perfect. I felt convicted as I read that we grow distant from the things that bring purpose and meaning to our lives when we shut ourselves off from revealing our true selves. I’m not sure what that looks like or means to you, but I know when I fail to be vulnerable, I am going against who God has created me to be and the roles He has planned for my life.

Sometimes I just want to be the person who just gets to sit back and take it all in without having to take the slightest risk. But God has much bigger plans for you and for me, and they require allowing ourselves to be seen and heard. Ultimately we need to be vulnerable because He has created us with a purpose and for a purpose. He has created us in His image, and therefore He is the One who is working through us to be seen and heard. With that in mind, how could I not want to be more vulnerable so that others might know Him more?

Heavenly Father, I pray for all of us taking in this message right now. I pray we learn how to fully trust in You when it comes to being vulnerable. I ask that You give us courage in those moments when fear or anxiety take over our minds or hearts, and that You remind us of the abundant blessings which come from being more vulnerable. Help us to take even the smallest step towards being more vulnerable so You are able to shine even more visibly and even brighter than ever before. In your name we pray. Amen.