Those who know me well will get a chuckle out of this one, but I am a person who really doesn’t like abruptness. I like to know what to expect and what to prepare for. I know this probably sounds like quite a few of us in one way or another, especially those of us who like to be able to predict what might be coming next. I also find it challenging when I have interruptions throughout my day I wasn’t expecting. I know this may sound like a silly thing because we are often interrupted throughout our days, and we can’t usually control when those things are going to happen. But this week I stopped and examined what my attitude is like during these interruptions and how I tend to handle them.

This self-reflection was prompted by a devotional I was reading the other day. Here is a short piece from it: “Admittedly, I am not walking around like a Saint just floating from one Heaven-sent task to the next. I’m more likely trying not to scream and lose my patience when one more interruption stops me from following my schedule or to-do list. It’s during that frustration that we can readjust our attitudes and see these “interruptions” as little calls from God. They can be opportunities for us to spread His love to another person or to help rid us of our self-centeredness and focus on the needs of another. Humble obedience becomes a sacrifice of love”. – Bobbi Rol, “Little Calls from God”

Man, reading this really did humble me. In my role at work, there are lots of times that something unexpected or something I wasn’t prepared for comes my way. There are times when I am trying to focus on getting a report finished, or right in the middle of a project I was hoping desperately to finish before the end of the day, and then a phone call or a client comes in that needs assistance right then and there. When I think about some of those moments this has happened, I can honestly say they have been some of the most fruitful conversations I have had during my time here so far. If I had let my attitude of having an interruption cause me to become really annoyed, frustrated, or even just saying I didn’t have time for it in that moment, I would have missed out on some significant leading of the Holy Spirit and getting to witness the miraculous ways He works.

So next time you are trying to finish your favorite show and your child wants to sit down and talk, or you are in the middle of the grocery store trying to get in and out quickly and an old friend stops to talk with you who is having a difficult time, I encourage you to think about your attitude in that moment. I challenge you to see this as an opportunity to see the ways God can work through this interaction, even if it wasn’t what you had planned or what you were prepared for. We may just get to be apart of some of the most fruitful and memorable moments of our lives if we allow for the “interruptions” to be seen through the lens of humble obedience.