We are a fickle people. We want rain, we know we need rain, but we don’t want it to interfere with our picnics or weddings or days off. We want our newly planted trees and tender new gardens to grow, but we want to dine outside with friends and family (finally!) and stay dry walking from our car into the grocery store. 

Even a gentle rain generally comes with murky skies and gray days. For some of us, our moods reflect the weather tone of the day. Other rains bring torrents and thunder booms. A crashing storm can temporarily imprison us behind the secure confines of our homes, while threatening our landscapes, our structures, our safety. 

At this moment I am listening to a gentle, consistent rain tap dancing on the roof and soaking the grass that was mowed yesterday. Outside my window, I can see raindrops caressing the long pine tree boughs, which are slightly dancing up and down. The birds continue to sing, undaunted. I am reminded of Psalm 72:6: 

 May he be like rain falling on a mown field, like showers watering the earth. 

If there is one thing the ancient or modern farmer hopes for after a field is mowed, it is a cool, soaking rain that will give the cut grass all that it needs to add the growth that will secure the next harvest. The risk after mowing is there will come a drought or a very hot day and the grass will be scorched, the soil dried out and parched. So, this prayer and blessing is one of good timing and sweet nurture. 

In application to my own life, I can be sure that He will be like the blessing I long for that comes at just the right time (His time).  I can be so sure of this that it secures my future against all I might fear. It will be like rain on a mown field. 

Thank you, Lord, for your well-timed showers of kindness and blessing. Water my heart and soul and make it a ready and rich soil for what You wish to plant there.