I recently came across a song in my devotion that inspired me for this blog. The song is by Jason Upton and is titled, “Write Every Day Down.” The following lyrics are taken from the song.   

Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2 


A life time can pass by if we don’t watch it 

We’ll miss it all has to say 

Write every day down 

Thank God for Matthew, thank God for Moses 

Thank God for Adam and Eve 

Thank God for people who tell the whole story 

God, give us courage when we need  

Write every day down  

To the finder of letters 

Sailing in bottles out on the sea 

I’m happy to tell you: God lived in these times 

For I’ve been a witness 

To the most beautiful day 

To the most horrible day 

And both have been miracles to me 

I’ve got boring old black shoes 

And orange in my pocket 

Walk the same road every day 

A life time can pass by if we don’t watch it 

We’ll miss all it has to say 


The devotion and lyrics reignited my memory of some miracles that I have been a witness to. I want to share what I have been a witness to. My testimony is that God is alive and still moving mightily and faithfully. Our King is doing Kingly work to reveal His nature and Kingdom.   

Let me tell you about my 9-year-old nephew who was protected and looked after from God after a severe food allergy threatened his airway, gave him hives and a 911 call from the school. God had arranged my sister and brother-in-law’s schedule that day to be close to the hospital to greet him. He was scared yet came out of that experience safe and alive. What has been gained through this situation? Wisdom, courage and reformation-creating change where change needs to take place.  

My missionary friend, who is currently serving in Brazil, has seen personal miracles in her travels, ministry and health. Anyone who has traveled overseas, especially with the current climate, knows how circumstances can go wrong fast and with extended delays. My friend traveled with ease and peace to Brazil. Once in Brazil, she experienced some physical ailments that were healed upon prayer, agreement and strategy from God. She has experienced his grace and bounced back with strength and joy. God is providing for her as she is on mission in Brazil, bringing light and truth. Her testimony becomes a part of her life-giving message to the nation.  

One of my friends is making such great, sound progress in recovery from addiction. I have seen God soften hearts, open ears, create healthy habits and relationships that are supporting a faith filled life of destiny and purpose! I have seen doors of the past shut and an embracing of truth and God’s doors being opened! The longsuffering of Jesus’ love is amazing. The power of a “YES to Him!”  

My new friend has found a place to flourish in ministry, utilizing skills and giftings in such a fruitful and ceaseless flow. God has provided an environment of care and joy that invites more giftings and healing to take place. God’s timing and faithfulness is a garment for her. She has a new level of purpose and relationship that has brought life to a different level of connection.   

A single mom of a 3-month-old has been provided safe housing and healthy support after a traumatic domestic situation. The courage and aptitude that has risen out of her is inspiring. God has provided housing, resources, relationships, legal support and courage in such a profound way. She is open to prayer and determined to be the mom she is called and designed to be. In a situation where bitterness and anger would be easily accepted, she has chosen a different path.   

At Bridgehaven, sometimes a call back or repeat visit from a client is a miracle. I celebrate those call backs and touch points that can alter a life course.  

In hard and celebrated situations, may we be a people that remembers God’s goodness and grace. May we write down our days and share the whole story, giving God glory. He is the God of the hills and valleys. Faithful through it all. Lord over all of it.  

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!”  Psalm 115:1