Monday night we got together. We put our hands to wood signs, frames, and boxes. We suited up with gloves to stain and paint. We picked up our hammers and created beautiful and intricate markings on our wood. There was a creative spirit that pulled us to transform the bare wood into colorful expressions that would be placed in our homes and display personal messages with a host of memories tucked in our hearts. We filled the studio with laughter, questions, encouragement, and sharing failures and longings to be more comfortable in our God-inspired creativeness.

This night was our Bridgehaven and Treasures staff Christmas party. We brought trays of food that marked the Christmas season. We prayed and moved in close to one another to praise and lift up the name of Jesus! The night’s enjoyable space of creativity and friendship reminded me of a previous blog I was inspired to write about thankfulness and creativity. New life was breathed upon that writing. I would like to share it again with new context.

I’m so thankful for greater depths of friendship and space and community for creativity. A community that encourages and champions the creative seed and nature within each of us to be released and expressed. Today I am thankful I had a space to release and work out creativity that was within me. I feel more freedom today because I had friends encourage and pull out creativity within me that was under daily burdens.

Here is a portion from the October blog that has become even more real and valuable to me.

I learned about the value of thankfulness and freedom being intertwined and dependent upon each other. For creatives, freedom and accepting grace within ourselves is so important and also changes our perspective of ourselves and connections with others. The freedom that is available in Jesus allows the seeds of expression to have life and to be divinely nurtured with bold love and courage. This bold and authentic freedom provides safety to mature and explore creativity in more depth.

Art is influential in our culture. When art is divinely inspired from God and released into culture, Kingdom Light begins to shift and cut through dry, dark places! That is a grace work of God that I am thankful for!

Pure and devoted thankfulness that is celebrated and cultivated within a holy and Christ-centered atmosphere positions our heart to give and receive with greater nourishment, fruitful encouragement, and the perseverance to build up the God-expression within.

How thankful I am for bold love that empowers us to share that creative expression to the world and gives us the courage to release it! Impacting culture to reflect God’s Kingdom!

I love to see the regenerating power of thankfulness maturing our focus and providing the endurance to stay the course of faith.

…I encourage us to nourish and invest in thankfulness that moves us beyond striving and performance and instead places us in a restful, creative flow that allows the language and ideas of God to come forth in greater aspects to illuminate God’s Kingdom and His heart. May our minds be renewed with thankfulness and delight, creating an atmosphere that genuinely flows with affection and honor.