“This isn’t easy, this isn’t clear…”
-“When A Heart Breaks” by Ben Rector

This song came on this morning when I was getting ready, and the lyrics reminded me so much of this time we are all in right now together. It’s not easy. And it’s not clear. We don’t have answers for a lot of things, and most things feel out of our control. We try to sit back patiently and wait for the next round of decisions to be made, all the while knowing that each decision made could have a drastic impact on our lives or the lives of those we love. We know in our hearts the decisions being made are out of wisdom and protection of all of us, but that doesn’t mean some of the decisions don’t break our hearts.

The homily I listened to from Father Mike Schmitz this past Sunday was one that spoke volumes to me. He talked about how there will be many things in this life that break our hearts. This is a natural part of life and being human. We learn a lot from these heartbreaking situations. We learn about our strength. The support of those around us. The wisdom that comes from experience and learning how to cope to be able to move forward. I’m sure a lot of us have experienced heartbreak, especially during this time in our lives with the loss of so many different things we never even dreamed or anticipated.

But here was the important piece of Father Mike’s homily that struck me. He talked about how though our hearts might break, we can’t lose heart. There is a very important distinction made between these two. We might be going through discouragement and things which cause our hearts deep pain or hurt, but we can’t lose heart. We can’t lose the thing that keeps us going every day, causes us to love, gives us a desire to reach out, and gives us hope in believing in something bigger than ourselves. Christ holds each of our hearts in the palm of His hands, and He wants us to take heart in trusting Him through all the ups and downs this time in our lives is bringing. Through all the uncertainties. Through all the decisions made now and in the future.

Friends, we can’t lose heart. We all need to be strong for one another. Our hearts may break, but we will get through this. I pray our hearts will all be knitted together even stronger and that we will take heart in the One who has this all in the palms of His hands.