Endowment Challenge Fund

Leaving a Legacy for Life

The Endowment Grant Challenge is an opportunity to ensure Bridgehaven continues to be a life-affirming option in our community for your grandchildren’s generation and beyond. Every gift given to Bridgehaven’s Endowment before October 2018 will be matched by one-third. This means a gift of $900 is matched with $300, and your gift becomes $1,200. Your impact is instantly multiplied and will empower choices for life beyond our lifetime. Receiving $75,000 in contributions plus $25,000 in matching funds will reach our goal of establishing a $100,000 Endowment that will build future sustainability for Bridgehaven’s operations and services.

This opportunity is unique because:

  • Your gift is matched $1:$3 up to $25,000; so with each gift you make, the impact is multiplied.
  • Gifts to Bridgehaven’s Endowment Challenge Grant Fund are eligible for the Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program.


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