Culture and media today send a constant message that casual sex is no big deal. Bridgehaven understands the pressure this message imposes, especially on teens. Sexual choices can impact lives far beyond an unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. The most important thing is to be informed about the benefits of delaying sexual activity, and the consequences of being sexually involved too soon.

Sexual Integrity & Risk Avoidance Education

Our philosophy for preventing unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections and emotional trauma, is not merely reducing the possibility, but rather eliminating the risk. To schedule sexual health education for your students or talk more about any of the education programs, contact us at 319-364-8967.

Bridgehaven educators provide medically accurate, age-appropriate sessions to achieve sexual health education objectives that meet Iowa Code § 279.50. Fun, interactive, current and effective presentations provide critical information and tools to educate and empower your students.

Parents, youth leaders and para-educators
Bridgehaven educators will help prepare you to talk with your teens about sex, providing insight and understanding to the pressures of current culture. Presentations can be tailored to the individual needs of a large or small group, location and allotted time.

Youth or student groups
Bridgehaven educators along with our Veracity student mentors are available to talk directly with student groups, on your campus or ours. Programming is flexible and can be personalized to accomplish your specific objectives. Some suggested topics include:

  • Current and correct sexual health information
  • Sexual risk avoidance
  • Navigating peer and media pressures
  • Healthy dating and friend relationships
  • Q & A: “All the things you want to know but were afraid to ask!”

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