Whether you’re pregnant or you have children in their teens, we understand that being a parent is both rewarding and challenging. Our “Earn While You Learn” program is designed to provide parents with emotional, material, social, and spiritual support.

Classes are available to men and women who are pregnant or parenting a child under the age of 18. While attending classes you can earn ongoing assistance with food, clothing, diapers, and formula to help alleviate financial pressures.

We are in the process of starting classes back up. Please follow our Client page here or the Facebook group for the latest announcements.

Earn While You Learn Classes

  • Prenatal via Zoom: Tuesdays (Tree) 10-11AM, October 27- December 15; Wednesdays (Jennifer) 5:30-6:30 PM, October 7-November 25
    8 week class will cover nutrition, meal planning, preliminary signs of labor, comfort measures, delivery and pushing, medications, interventions, C-sections, breastfeeding, and intro to baby basics. If you attend all 8 weeks of class, you qualify for either a crib or carseat.
  • Baby Basics (Alisse) via Zoom: Mondays, October 12-November 16
  • RightNow Media online library, self-study started the week of June 1
    Karin will send video invite with reflective questions and you will submit answers. Each week will be a different topic.

  • BuyEatLive (Donna from ISU Ext.) via Zoom on Tuesdays, 9-10AM
    8-week nutritional class. Do you want some new ideas for feeding your family? Are you looking for ways to get healthy food and try to keep your costs low? Are you wondering what foods your family should be eating? The Buy Eat Live Healthy classes will help you with ideas for feeding your family low cost, healthy food.

  • Money Beliefs and Financial Goal Setting (Leslie) via GoToMeeting on Tuesdays, 9-10AM, started June 4
    Our core beliefs about money shape our behavior and influence the many financials decisions we make. This series will give you the tools to identify and discuss your attitude towards money. We will think critically about the source of your money beliefs and connect those beliefs to both positive and negative behaviors. In the second part of the series we will then use how we feel about money to figure out ways to set good financial goals. One of the first and most important steps for your savings plan is to identify what you want to accomplish.
  • Journey (Dawn) via Zoom: Tuesdays 11AM-12PM, July 28-September 8
    7-week class that journeys through relationships, strengths, and life purposes. Sessions covered include: Your design and strengths, challenges to your design and growth areas, worldviews and perspectives, moving forward and your road map for change, and planning for realignment.

  • Study of Paul’s Letters (Kyle) via Zoom: Wednesdays 11AM-12PM, July 29-September 16
    8-week class studying the letters of Paul in the Bible.

  • 2 Corinthians: Finding Strength in Weakness (Karen) via Zoom: Thursdays, 5:30-6:30PM started June 4
    “My grace is sufficient for you.” Do you despise your weaknesses? Do you hate hardships? Do you beg God to remove obstacles from your life? The apostle Paul delighted in his weaknesses, welcomed hardship as a friend and thanked God for obstacles that offered opportunities to experience God’s power.

  • Exploring the Enneagram for Growth (Michelle) via Zoom: Thursdays, 6-7pm (6-week class) 
    Are you sometimes puzzled about why you do things? Have you been frustrated when trying to change your behavior? Do you find it hard to get along with some people in your life? The Enneagram is a tool for understanding yourself and others. It will help you to lovingly accept yourself, with all your strengths and weaknesses, while providing a path for healthy personal growth and improved relationships with others.

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