• Missed period
  • Frequent Urination
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea or food aversions
  • Breast/nipple sensitivity

What Should I Expect?

Pregnancy symptoms can sometimes mimic symptoms of other conditions. For this reason, it’s important to see a trusted provider or pregnancy center to confirm pregnancy through testing and ultrasound.

Many women experience the following symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.

Missed Period

Typically, women first suspect pregnancy when they miss their period. However, other times, women may believe they got a lighter period when they experience implantation bleeding. This normal light bleeding may occur when an embryo attaches to the uterine wall in early pregnancy.

Increased Urination

Frequent Urination is common in pregnancy due to the increase in pregnancy hormones hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) and progesterone.


Fatigue usually ensues in early pregnancy due to the extra work placed on your body, increased hormones, and a dip in blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Feeling Nauseous

Nausea or food aversions are common and thought to be due to an increase in the hCG hormone. Your provider can often discuss ways to manage this common but pesky symptom.

Breast Soreness and Swelling

Breast and nipple sensitivities occur due to increased hormones, blood flow, and fluid retention.

Are There Ways To Manage Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

Speaking with a physician or pregnancy clinic you feel comfortable with is important. Many times, there are ways to manage and ease early pregnancy symptoms.

Management for symptoms ranges from over-the-counter medications and supplements to mild treatments such as wearing loose-fitting undergarments and resting.

Discussing what symptoms you might be experiencing and what you can do to help manage them can make a big difference in your mood, energy, and quality of life.

Who Can I Talk With?

At Bridgehaven, we are here to support you. We welcome you to schedule a free, confidential appointment at your convenience.

We provide pregnancy testing and ultrasound at no cost to you, in a judgment-free zone where you have the power to decide what’s right for you.