An ectopic pregnancy is located outside the uterus. When this type of pregnancy occurs, it can be scary, life-threatening, and eventually very painful.

That’s why safety measures are in place to help protect your health and safety. To confirm you do not have an ectopic pregnancy, make an appointment with your provider or a local pregnancy center. Together with your team of professionals, you can gain the peace of mind you seek.

Is An Ectopic Pregnancy Viable?

Since an ectopic pregnancy occurs outside the only organ that can nourish and sustain it (the uterus), this pregnancy is not viable and will not grow or develop as usual.

An ectopic pregnancy does not occur due to anything you have or haven’t done. This pregnancy complication can happen to anyone, usually because the egg does not get to the right place quickly enough.  

Often, these pregnancies are in a fallopian tube and can cause the tube to rupture and hemorrhage.

The Mayo Clinic states, “An ectopic pregnancy can’t proceed normally. The fertilized egg can’t survive, and the growing tissue may cause life-threatening bleeding if left untreated.”

How Can An Ectopic Pregnancy be Diagnosed?

Confirming your results with a provider or pregnancy clinic is important even after receiving a positive home pregnancy test. A quality test is combined with an ultrasound to confirm and diagnose an ectopic pregnancy.

Ultrasounds will provide medical professionals with a view of the pregnancy and note its location. That’s why not skipping an ultrasound image is important; it is a measure that helps protect your health and wellness.

Lastly, your physician may order other medical blood tests to ensure other complications have not arisen.  

Where Can I Go To Confirm Pregnancy?

Here at Bridgehaven, we provide free, confidential pregnancy testing and ultrasound imaging. All appointments and services are at no cost, and scheduling is flexible to make it easy for you.

You deserve to have peace of mind and clarity when it comes to your pregnancy. Schedule today, and let us be there for you; your health and care matter to us.