You weren’t expecting that line to turn pink. Maybe you never wanted to be pregnant or thought it would be further down the road for you. 

At Bridgehaven, we want you to know that no matter your circumstances, we are here to walk alongside you through your pregnancy journey. And if you decide to carry to term, we want to make sure you are supported and prepared for each step of your pregnancy, delivery, and bringing that little one home. We offer a free 8-week prenatal course through our Earn While You Learn program to empower you with medically accurate information as well as material and emotional support. 

The InJoy prenatal class offered at Bridgehaven is facilitated by instructors who value pregnancy education and emotional support, and they also understand the value of material support related to pregnancy. Our prenatal classes cover the topics of: 

  • Pregnancy 
  • Labor 
  • Birth stories and experiences 
  • Comfort techniques 
  • Medical procedures 
  • Cesarean birth 
  • Newborn care 
  • Postpartum care 

As with our other Earn While You Learn classes, food and clothing resources are available to you each week to help you through this life adjustment. But we additionally celebrate the completion of every prenatal class with a baby shower. Each class participant receives a diaper bag, 2-3 outfits/onesies, a baby book, hand or car seat toys, crib sheets, baby bottles, bottle scrubbers, shampoo, soap, along with a few other goodies. 

Each client who completes all eight weeks of their prenatal education is also eligible to receive either a crib or car seat. We recognize that cribs and car seats are the two most expensive baby items, and we are thankful to be able to help offset that need.  

We know pregnancy and the circumstances surrounding pregnancy can vary and we as staff and instructors want to walk alongside our families, to the measure they feel comfortable with, in providing education, support, and relationship. You might not even be ready to consider parenting, but you have questions. Bridgehaven is a great place to begin your journey, to have your questions answered, and to begin to build a community of support for whichever path you choose. 

To schedule a pregnancy test and options discussion or to learn more about our prenatal class and Earn While You Learn program, contact us online or call 319-364-8967.