Support For Families

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging.

Earn While You Learn

Whether you’re pregnant or you have children in their teens, we understand that being a parent is both rewarding and challenging. Our Earn While You Learn program is designed to provide parents with emotional, material, social, and spiritual support.

Classes are available to men and women who are pregnant or parenting a child under the age of 18.  While attending classes you can earn ongoing assistance with food, clothing, diapers, and formula to help alleviate financial pressures.

If you would like to register for classes, please contact Dawn or Cheryl at 319-364-8967.

Class Topics

Life Skills

  • Sewing I and II – Must have successfully completed Sewing I before entering Sewing II and also have approval from instructors and Dawn. Sewing II is project focused. Sewing I covers 8 skill stations.
  • Conversational English – for those who desire to learn the written and spoken English language. Creative means are used to demonstrate and teach American culture as well as learn customs, values, social situations, history and holidays.
  • English as a Second Language – English as a second language for Hispanic clients. Learning the written and spoken English language.
  • NEW! 12 Pillars – 12-week professional and personal development class. Live a Life of Three-Dimensional Health. The Gift of Relationships. Achieving Your Goals and the Proper Use of Time. Surrounding Yourself with the Best People. Becoming a Life-Long Learner. Income Seldom Exceeds Personal Development. Communication Brings the Common Ground of Understanding. The World Can Always Use One More Great Leader. Leaving a Legacy.


  • Prenatal – covers stages of pregnancy, labor, delivery, birth, and breast/formula feeding.
  • Influential Parents, Accountable Kids – based on the Love and Logic parenting approach; a process by which children grow through their mistakes and learn from the consequences of their choices.
  • Raising your children in Jesus
  • Baby Basics (starting 8/21) – 10-week class that covers a baby’s first 12 months of life: bonding, when to introduce foods, teething, physical and social developments, infant massage, sign language, safe ride and safe sleep practices, swaddling.
  • NEW! Toddler and Preschool Years (starting 8/21) – 10-week class that covers: safety, reading, nutrition, potty training, preparing for preschool, fun activities to do with your toddler, disciplining and tantrums, language development.


  • NEW! Keep it Shut – A study that explores how to control the tongue. Each session features a different character from the Bible, using them either as an example of someone to emulate or whose verbal actions we should avoid replicating.
  • Living Above Stress and Worry – Come together and be refreshed with the Word of God in living a hope-filled and forward-thinking support class.


  • Discipleship with Roxanne
  • His Story – 10-lesson topical study covering fundamental beliefs and practices of the Christian faith.
  • John Bible Study – a Bible study on the Gospel of John.
  • Roman’s Bible Study – a Bible study on the New Testament book of Romans.
  • Lies Women Believe – 12 week class exposes those areas of deception most commonly believed by Christian women—lies about God, sin, priorities, marriage and family, emotions, and more. She then sheds light on how we can be delivered from bondage and set free to walk in God’s grace, forgiveness, and abundant life. Truth is not just something to know but something to live out in the laboratory of life as you apply the Word to real-life situations.
  • Debbie’s Bible Study – Brave: Honest questions women ask. This Bible study for women looks at the heart of what women are thinking and feeling. Speaks to participants about deep feelings that all women have at one time or another. We will look boldly at some of the fears and struggles of being a woman, and see how we can be brave in the face of those challenges. It takes a brave woman to ask these questions and dig into these topics alongside other believers. We’ve all got insecurities, flaws, and struggles that we’re afraid to address. But if we can be brave enough to raise the questions, God will answer us. You’ve got questions. God’s got answers. Be brave. Ask. Why can’t I get it together? Am I as invisible as I feel? What am I so afraid of?

If you would like to register for classes, please contact Dawn or Cheryl at 319-364-8967.

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