Although relief may be the initial reaction, it is not unusual for women and men involved in an abortion experience to later encounter side effects. These side effects may arise days, months, or even years later. Symptoms may include:

  • guilt
  • anxiety
  • emotional numbness
  • depression
  • flashbacks
  • substance abuse
  • eating disorders
  • high-risk behaviors
  • relationships problems
  • difficulty bonding

If you are hurting from an abortion experience, Bridgehaven is here to listen and to walk with you through the healing process. We offer support groups, one-on-one mentoring, and a healing retreat called Take Courage. All are led by advocates who have had and healed from their own abortion experiences. These services are open to both men and women.

If you have questions or would like to register for an upcoming class, please contact Haley Brimmer, Director of Client Advocacy, via email haley@bridgehavencr.org or by phone at 319-364-8967. All inquiries and conversations are confidential.

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